“Talk is CHEAP!!” Dana Brooke Takes Offence To Seth Rollins’ Comment. Lashes Out.

Dana Brooke has let out her frustrations on twitter while lashing out at Seth Rollins and a fan. She has quoted a tweet where Rollins was shown talking about her lowly while on the announcer’s table. In the tweet, she wrote

Talk is CHEAP!! I work my ass off every single day & will not tolerate this shit anymore! I can promise you I am the hardest working WOMAN around, never have I taken off work, always worked through injuries, proved multiple times I can fit any position given & DO IT W/ A SMILE!


The United States Champion Rollins was on commentary during the Mustafa Ali vs Austin Theory match on RAW. During the match, he claimed that “Theory has a better chance cashing in on Dana Brooke!” Dana Brooke is the current 24/7 champion but it’s a parody of a title. Rollins’ comment about Brooke was mentioned by a popular wrestling website and Dana noticed it. She expressed her grievance by quoting that tweet.


While most of her fans were supportive of her stand against the comment, one fan tweeted otherwise. She had a feisty reply to the keyboard warrior as well.


Brooke signed her contract with WWE in 2013 and after staying with NXT for 3 years, she signed with the RAW roster. In a few years she moved to SmackDown and then back to the red brand where she currently is. In spite of staying with the company for almost a decade, she hasn’t been able to do anything noteworthy yet. Her wrestling skills have been under criticism although she is a gifted athlete.

Athletic Background


She worked as an athlete for 18 years even competing in many top level fitness competitions like National Physique Committee (NPC), Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic. As an IFBB pro bodybuilder, she has secured some winning positions at NPC and Mr. Olympia contests. She was also working as a diver during this time and is a former gymnast too.

Dana is a 13 time 24/7 champion, having won it as recently as September 24th and is currently reigning.


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