“He’s a liability now”, Dutch Mantell dropped bombs on Brock Lesnar

Former WWE manager, Dutch Mantell dropped a bombshell about Brock Lesnar’s  future with WWE, in fact with the Beast Incarnate’s future in the dark, particularly with all hell breaking loose. Lesnar had to suffer the consequences and until proven, things may keep on turning into a downward spiral.

Lesnar was initially removed from the Royal Rumble match-up and now he is being talked about to be removed from the games that WWE owns. Things are looking downright bleak for the owner of the Suplex City and to be honest, there is very less that WWE can do about it now.


Not only is it Brock though but even Vince McMahon stepped down from the company following the allegations by Janel Grant who was WWE’s former employee in the legal department. The citation says that Vince was explicitly involved in sexually exploiting Grant while Lesnar was one of his accomplices.

Here is what Dutch Mantell had to say about Brock Lesnar

In this week’s episode of Story Time with Dutch Mantell, Mantell clarified, “I find it hard that Brock could actually go back now. I don’t want to go on record to say I think he will. But when I think about it, I don’t think he will. Because, now, he’s a liability. If it’s true, he participated in it. No, he didn’t! He was invited to participate in it, but he didn’t. So, he may be saved. See, he’s guilty by association. He did nothing, but he’s getting a lot of the heat off of it.”


With Wrestlemania around the clock, WWE may have to find someone who is as good as the Beast Incarnate, particularly a legend because the Beast is nothing short of a monster and his legacy dates way back to glory. With uncertainties looming over the likes of Seth Rollins and CM Punk, WWE will need juice big enough to fill such a humongous void.



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