“When those two larger-than-life personalities and egos explode…”, WWE veteran believes that there is a massive twist coming in the main event of WrestleMania

This has been said time and time again that the finish blow of the Bloodline won’t be coming from Cody Rhodes. It has to be either the Rock turning face again or possibly Roman Reigns turning babyface or possibly an anti-hero after being betrayed.

This storyline to be honest is a long shot from glory and truth be told if this has to happen, WWE will have to come up with a solid development. The only angle that can make this happen if the Rock remains heel and sides with Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman as the trio destroys Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes alike. Now this development makes Roman and Cody come together and become unlikely alliances.


Wrestling veteran, Jim Cornette had an interesting story coming up for Roman Reigns and this may blow the mind of the WWE Universe. So what was it that he said? On the Experience Podcast, Cornette said that Reigns is well in line for being a face.

Here is what Jim Cornette had to say about Roman Reigns and the Rock

He said, “Well, I think the Reigns babyface turn doesn’t have to be predicated on The Rock stealing The Bloodline because Paul [Heyman] is an opportunist, he’s gonna stick and, you know, wait and see who comes out on top of this probably or potentially he would go with The Rock obviously to add extra heat. But this may be part of The Rock’s plan at some point to give a catalyst to turn Roman babyface because when those two larger-than-life personalities and egos explode, you maybe you’ll get that match.”


He further added, “And also Roman would obviously be the one to be babyface because The Rock would have gotten him into a lot of this… The Rock doesn’t have to steal The Bloodline because he’s not gonna be wrestling or in the ring on a regular basis. And I don’t think he wants to commit to months and months of coming and doing their promos. But Paul could still be with Solo and Roman could be a huge f**king babyface at some point whatever that point is.”



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