Austin Theory Makes It To The Record Books. Unfortunately By Losing Golden Opportunity.

Austin Theory made many records on the latest RAW with his cash-in of the Money In The Bank contract. Unfortunately, all those records were of the wrong kind. As you must have heard, he has lost it and is no longer the holder of the MITB briefcase.

Seth Rollins, as advertised for a few days, was doing his United States Championship open challenge on RAW. In the beginning, Finn Bálor and Judgment Day interrupted him and it seemed like Bálor was going to accept the challenge. But AJ Styles and The O.C. further interrupted Bálor, allowing Rollins to make a swift exit from the ring so that the two feuding factions can handle business.


Cut to the main event of the night, Rollins was back in the ring for the open challenge once more. He issued the challenge and was waiting for someone to answer. His recent foe Mustafa Ali appeared on the titantron and accepted the challenge, only to be grabbed away and beaten up. His attacker was revealed as the previous United States Champion Bobby Lashley, who accepted the challenge instead. Ali tried to jump Lashley but was no match for the All Mighty and tossed aside right there. Seth enthusiastically waited for Lashley to come to the ring.

Lashley was in a destructive mood and even before the match began, attacked Rollins brutally, eventually slamming him through the announcer’s table. Officials called the match off as Rollins lay there incapacitated.


That would be the end of the night but Austin Theory’s theme started playing and he appeared with his MITB briefcase in hand. He was cashing in on Rollins for this US title. He thought it will be an easy title victory but The Visionary started fighting back. Theory eventually hit his finisher A-Town Down on the injured champion. At that moment, Bobby Lashley appeared again and pulled away the referee to the outside. Theory confronted Bobby ringside but the savage former US champ beat him ruthlessly. Bobby locked him in the Hurt Lock and left him on the floor as the referee started his 10 count. Austin gathered all his strength and broke the count just before 10. However, just as he entered the ring, he fell victim to Rollins’ curb stomp and ate the pin, losing his MITB contract in the process.


Austin Theory joins the list of John Cena, Damien Sandow, Baron Corbin and Braun Strowman as failed MITB cash-ins. He also becomes the first wrestler to cash-in on a non world title and first to lose at it. At 25, he also becomes the youngest to lose too. He had previously teased to cash it in on the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship and the NXT Championship.


Akashdip Singh

Jobber writer for WWE related content

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