A Surprise Title change Happens on RAW With A Surprise Return

A major title upset happened on RAW when the United States champion Bobby Lashley lost his title to Seth Rollins, thanks to a surprise attack. Brock Lesnar made his surprise return to WWE before Lashley’s title match with Rollins. He immediately made a statement by brutally attacking the US champ. Lashley suffered two F5s, a German suplex and got locked in Lesnar’s Kimura lock.


He was in no condition to compete and the Visionary took advantage of that. He manipulated Lashley by mocking him about not competing in the match despite being a former US marine. An angry Lashley made it back to the ring after that. Rollins’ plan worked as he put away the less than 100% champion with consecutive curb stomps leading up to the pin. Rollins became the United States Champion in a quick few minutes.


Byron Saxton interviewed Lashley backstage and he challenged Brock to face him next week on RAW. He also said that he will take back his title from Rollins after he deals with Lesnar.

Supposedly, the feud between the two behemoths is being built up for a match at the Crown Jewel pay per view happening at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on November 5th. The official announcement should come next week.


Lesnar and Lashley have already feuded earlier this year. Bobby defeated Brock at Royal Rumble 2022 to become the new WWE Champion. However, Lesnar regained the title back a few weeks later at the Elimination Chamber.

The Almighty is the closest competitor to The Beast Incarnate physically and technically. Both have collegiate amateur wrestling backgrounds where they’ve won top medals. Both have illustrious MMA careers and they are both physical specimens. In fact, The Internet often calls Bobby Lashley, The Black Lesnar. In the past, he has even expressed his desire to fight Lesnar in an MMA bout. Let’s just hope their match this time is clean and not disturbed by any outside interference.


Akashdip Singh

Jobber writer for WWE related content

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