Superstars Blacking Out Their Twitters. Could They Be Joining Bray Wyatt?

Since his return at Extreme Rules, fans have been wondering and rumor mills have been active about the possibilities of current superstars joining Bray Wyatt. For some reason, superstars like Tommaso Ciampa, T-Bar, Dolph Ziggler, Liv Morgan, and Seth Rollins have all blacked out their Twitter wallpapers and/or profile pictures.  This led many into thinking that it’s these 5 superstars who will be joining him.

The WWE Universe was over the roof when Wyatt returned. But he didn’t return alone. He came back with five of his Firefly Funhouse puppets who appeared all throughout the arena. Huskus The Pig, Rambling Rabbit, Mercy The Buzzard, Abby The Witch, and even The Fiend were there before him. Speculators say it’s these five characters, the five blacked-out superstars are joining Wyatt as.


Many predictions even suggest Alexa Bliss be one of his new members, joining him back. She even welcomed him on Twitter and has never left her creepy Lilly doll. But she hasn’t blackened her Twitter-like others. Maybe she is Sister Abigail whom everybody was expecting her to be all these years.

Abby the Witch did have a Women’s title belt on the side during her appearance at the arena. Both Alexa and Liv are former Women’s champions. Could be anyone at this point.


Wyatt has changed his name on Twitter to Wyatt6, indicating there may be six superstars including him in the faction. Some reports even have his younger brother Bo Dallas returning. Bo is dating Liv Morgan, so it’s quite possible that she joins him with Wyatt.

Joe Gacy, from NXT, who was linked to the White Rabbit mystery is another name popping up. As is Dexter Lumis, another creepy individual.


However, some feel the blackened Twitter accounts are just in respect to Sara Lee, the recently departed WWE Tough Enough winner.


Whatever the deal with Bray Wyatt and his team is, one thing cannot be denied. He knows how to stay relevant while others fade into obscurity.



Akashdip Singh

Jobber writer for WWE related content

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