Rhea Ripley sends an important message to Dominik Mysterio after defeat against Gunther

It has been quite a joyride for Dominik Mysterio in the Judgment Day. Ever since he has joined the villainous faction, the chemistry that he has shared with Rhea Ripley has been the true life and blood of the stable. However the times are not looking ripe enough for JD as Gunther has set his sights on them.

After a battle between Dominik Mysterio and Gunther where the former was hammered left, right and center and eventually defeated by the ring-general, Rhea Ripley sent a message for his Papi. Dom stood no chance against the reckoning might of Gunther on the latest episode of the Raw and while he slumped down, Rhea assured that she will have his back.


Mami questioned the move of Dominik Mysterio facing Gunther when the Judgment Day came out to face Imperium. In a battle of heels they say, Judgment Day will always be the favourite while Gunther cared for nothing.

Here is what Rhea Ripley had to say to Dominik Mysterio

After Dom’s defeat at the hands of Gunther, Rhea took to Twitter that has been rechristened as X, stating, “Through wins and losses, I’ll always be here to care for ya.” Rhea was also with Dominik throughout the match by the ringside but then once Gunther locked the Boston Crab in, that was that for Dom Dom.


As the latest status of Dominik Mysterio is, he may not have a match at WrestleMania considering the fact that he will be married soon. However, given the fact that when we talk about the biggest entertainment show in terms of kayfabe, people have let gone of many things which has been a lot more serious for them just to get a match-up in WrestleMania.

Only time shall reveal what is next for Dominik Mysterio but truth be told, Judgment Day may have found their match and this time it is going to be Imperium, possibly their toughest fight since Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.


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