“I Didn’t Know Where I was”- Stone Cold Recalls Getting Brutally Hit By Undertaker

The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin belong to a rare category of WWE Superstars who will always receive a massive pop from the audience no matter where the show is happening. They were the top Superstars of their era. Both have officially retired now. However, fans still hope that they come back for one final match.

According to reports, Stone Cold Steve Austin will be present at WrestleMania 38 in Dallas. WrestleVotes reported that he will have some involvement at the mega event, whereas The Undertaker will be present in attendance at the Royal Rumble event. These reports hint that both mega stars may soon return to the ring.


But in this article, we will talk about a recent disclosure made by Stone Cold Steve Austin about his favorite moment with the Undertaker. Replying to a fan query regarding his favorite moment with the Deadman, Stone Cold recalled their SummerSlam match which New York hosted. In that match, the Undertaker hit Stone Cold so hard that the Texas Rattlesnake did not know where he was.

“He’s (The Undertaker) got a big head. He hit me right on the chin. About a second later, I went down like a shot. I was only out for a millisecond, but I didn’t know where I was,” was quoted as saying by Essentially Sports. 


Will The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin have a match again?

Some fans feel the Undertaker and Steve Austin have retired forever. However, there is a common saying in professional wrestling and that is – “Never Say Never.” Both legends could still have one more match if the medical staff clears them and the WWE creative team has some plans for them.

At the moment, they are retired. However, in the coming days, we might see some action from either of the two legends.


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