“Never say never”, John Cena drops massive hint at his availability for Wrestlemania

John Cena has always been an eminent name in terms of WWE and ever since his inception, his popularity has been shooting through the stars. Despite starting off as a heel, such has been the magnitude of love from the fans for him that WWE never dared to make him a face anymore. However, after a certain point in time, fans got bored too with that face gimmick of his.

In fact, the same fans who showered love and praise on Cena until then, were the ones who questioned his credibility as a face as the same run time and time again was leaving the fans bored. His last run saw him challenging Austin Theory for the United States Championship but eventually lost the contest via pinfall.


Well with the Wrestlemania around the corner, the fans are still questioning the fact whether the Leader of Cenation will be coming to the Show of Immortals. Apparently, the man in question, Cena himself who has a held-up Hollywood schedule had so much to say and that would leave the fans on the edge.

Here is what John Cena had to say about his return to WWE Wrestlemania

Talking to HT Entertainment Tonight, Cena said, “I don’t know if I’ll be free that weekend, but it is a weekend, and movies don’t shoot on the weekends. But when I say I’m done — in WWE, they say never say never, and a lot of people retire and come back — I’m just being honest with myself.”


He further added, “There’s such a great new generation now as well. It’s time to pass the electric energy on to the folks that can be there every day.”

But going by the track record of Cena, he has always turned up in Wrestlemania and truth be told, fans will be hoping for the big man to return to the biggest show of entertainment this time as well. Cena himself said, “I’ve never missed a year, and as long as I can perform, I don’t intend to miss a year.”


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