“He has got to eat Brock Lesnar alive”, WWE veteran makes a massive remark on the Beast Incarnate’s potential opponent at Wrestlemania

With Wrestlemania knocking on the doors, Brock Lesnar will be on his way to return to the industry and when that happens, he will need someone of similar stature who can put him to the test and who else than Gunther to get the job done?

However, another WWE icon believes that this may be a mismatch. Going by the current stature and storylines, Brock should not be facing Gunther at any cost as that can be a telling blow to the image of Beast Incarnate. Well, knowing Brock, he is now a part-timer and will not be interested in sporting any titles.


If there is a fight that pits Gunther and Brock, the Inter-continental Title will come in the question because at the moment there is no one challenging the Ring General for the belt around his waist. According to the latest rumours Brock can go one-on-one against Gunther and that will obviously be a match to watch out for.

Here is what Matt Morgan had to say about Brock Lesnar and Gunther

However, wrestling veteran, Matt Morgan believes, “He has got to eat Brock alive. I know you think I’m crazy. He’s got to eat him alive. Can you imagine that? [Remember when Brock faced Goldberg and Goldberg kinda pushed him down, he gave him that look like ‘Oh, sh*t.’ If he does that with Gunther, man, that just makes him.] It does.”


He further added, “And with Goldberg when he did it, that was very like, ‘Holy cr*p! Did that really just happen?’ We weren’t like, ‘Oh my God! Goldberg is the man.’ We were like, ‘Come on dude, Brock would kill this guy.’ Like, if Gunther did it, he’s still young and he’s still on his upswing, it would do so much more for him than it did for Goldberg that night.”



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