“A memorable experience with a fantastic gang!” Kevin Owens To Make His Acting Debut Next Year

Kevin Owens has become the latest WWE superstar to delve into the waters of acting. He is set to debut in the French-Canadian television show called Bon Matin Chuck. It’s a French language dramedy (drama / comedy) and translates to “Good Morning Chuck” in English. The creators of the show, who happen to be wrestling fans, hired him for a guest appearance. He has himself confirmed this news by tweeting a thankful message in French.

Translation: What an honor for me to be part of this project, if only for a few minutes. A memorable experience with a fantastic gang!


As per the official website, the story is about a guy called Chuck whose life turns upside down after a scandal. He “retires to a recovery home” to convince his wife that he is working on his issues, but he is just a “party guy”.

Kevin is fluent in French as he is a French-Canadian from Quebec, Canada. The series will air next year on Crave, a Canadian streaming service.


Owens was not on TV for some time because he suffered a sprained knee at a WWE Live event. He may have shot his scenes for the show during this time or earlier. He returned to TV on the latest SmackDown on November 18th as the fifth member of the team opposite The Bloodline. Owens will join Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, Ridge Holland and Butch against Roman Reigns and his Bloodline. He seemed to have completely recovered from his knee injury as he landed 2 super kicks on The Usos and a stunner on Reigns.


He will now be a part of the history making Men’s WarGames match at Survivor Series on November 26th.

With his acting debut next year, he will join the elite group of WWE superstars like The Rock, John Cena, Sheamus, Sasha Banks & others who went into acting. If the audience receives his acting well, we may even see him in Hollywood projects sometime.


Akashdip Singh

Jobber writer for WWE related content

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