“Maybe in another three years, he won’t be loving it as much”, Konnan drops damning forecast about Cody Rhodes’ future

Cody Rhodes has been a force to reckon with in recent times and his entire wrestling career has seen him drop one bomb after the other but then again as they say, it all fades. It all dwindles. It all recedes. At the moment though, the American Nightmare is one of the best babyfaces and like the fans, he himself has loved it in equal measure.

However, WWE veteran Konnan feels that this too shall pass. Well, it is not entirely wrong because at the end of the day when you are in kayfabe, you have to keep on working on different gimmicks, to first keep the audience interested then yourself interested because if you don’t, then challenges come to you.


On a recent episode from Keepin it 100, the wrestling veteran expressed his belief that Cody is definitely over his head now and it is quite obvious. However, things are different when things change and that is what the concern of Konnan is.

Here is what Konnan had to say about Cody Rhodes

He said, “Whether you’re a rock band or you’re in MMA, you gotta do promotions. That’s part of the gig, bro. You don’t get a lot of sleep, you travel a lot, but you’re also getting paid a lot. He’s probably been up for the last couple of years with that AEW schedule. He knew what he was gonna get into, and he was willing to do it.”


He further added, “He’s gonna get probably the championship at WrestleMania or in the future. He’s a top babyface. He’s loving it, bro. He’s loving it right now. Maybe in another three years, he won’t be loving it as much. But right now, this is what he’s wanted his whole fu**ing career.”

In the meanwhile the Bloodline is now being hunted by Cody Rhodes with the security personnel of Paul Heyman taken apart after the latest episode of in-house show.


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