“It gets so boring”, Dutch Mantell dishes out a damning verdict against Elimination Chamber

WWE recently concluded the Elimination Chamber and it was quite a showdown considering the two Elimination Chamber matches went down with possibly predictable results. However, the gimmicks, the promos and the fights, they were all in higher positions up the alley. So how did everyone rate the PPV? Well, truth be told, the fans were happy but one veteran wasn’t.

Wrestling Dutch Mantell was not happy about the PLE that rocked Australia after a long time. He felt that the matches somewhat turned into a fizzle after the early fireworks. The veteran also linked the boredom of Elimination Chamber due to the upcoming WrestleMania which is actually true. The storylines have been cut short and the matches were somewhat forced because of the short time span and no serious thrill of the rivalries that we usually see on a PPV was there.


Here is what Dutch Mantell had to say about the Bloodline and Elimination Chamber

Talking to Sportskeeda’s SmackTalk, Mantell said, “I have never liked that match anyway for some reason. It was okay, but it gets so frigging boring after a while. You know, it’s a maintenance show to begin with, especially WrestleMania is right down the road. So we can’t do too much here. We just gotta maintain momentum till we get there, and they got time. But I think they, they needed different purpose in that main event.”

He further added, “And the thing with the Roman, you know he is built for WrestleMania. So he has got to, something has to happen there. Cody has to be the champion there. But then isn’t that predictable? Isn’t that what we are talking about here? It was so da*n predictable.”


Mantell concluded by saying, “Those long shows like that? That to me, I don’t like ’em. But I think the fans sit there. Never let the fans sit on their thumbs. That’s what you don’t want them doing. I mean that’s a good way (for) boredom. Hell they can stay home and be bored.”



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