Seth Rollins may miss out on Wrestlemania; Find out why

It can be a telling blow to WWE’s aspirations of laying down the perfect match card for Wrestlemania as Seth Rollins may be ruled out of the biggest wrestling events of all time, Wrestlemania. On Monday Night Raw, Seth went toe-to-toe with Jinder Mahal and eventually was successful in defending his title but it came at a great cost.

What was the potential cost that Seth had to incur? Well, we are still not sure but as per the sources of one of the most reliable wrestling reporters, Dave Meltzer, Rollins may not be competing at Wrestlemania. Apparently, in the match-up with Jinder Mahal, he copped a telling blow to his leg and was seen visibly in pain.


However, the Visionary never really gave up and continued to fight unless the job was done. Now sources have to say that he was lining up for a mammoth fight with CM Punk and that match could have happened at Mania if not for this unfortunate injury.

Meltzer said, “I just know (Seth Rollins is) getting an MRI and then we’ll find out. Basically I was told it could be something minor, could be something worse. We won’t know until the MRI result comes back.”


Here is what Dave Meltzer had to say about Seth Rollins and CM Punk

He further added, “This would be a bad time if he needs to be out for a couple of months. Really really bad. He’s got a big program and everything, he’s got a championship. If it’s a week, it’s a week. You know, whatever. If it’s three months (…) Eight months would not be good. It’d really kill a lot of momentum and be frustrating for him. Three months would be not the greatest either. He’d miss WrestleMania for three months, yeah.”

Only time shall reveal whether the Architect will be able to participate in one of the greatest sporting events of all time as WWE braces themselves with potential shifts.


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