Jey Uso may be on a title run shortly and here is how WWE is planning to do it

Going by the inside reports, Jey Uso is all set to make a massive leap in terms of booking as he can be the next singles champion even though the category of the belt around his waist isn’t confirmed. The last time Jey headlined an event was Summerslam 2023 when he went onto take on his former stable member, Roman Reigns.

However, despite taking a dive due to the interference of his brother, Jimmy Uso, he continued to headline the show with his extraordinary mojo and also went onto become a crowd favourite. In the forthcoming fall, he went onto win the tag team titles again but this time it was again a different tag team in the form of Cody Rhodes.


Why the WWE Universe thinks that Jey Uso may be in for a title fight?

However, the championship run for Jey and Cody was shortlived as the duo went onto drop the title to Finn Balor and Damian Priest of the Judgment Day and all of this was only possible when his twin brother who also helped Roman Reigns escape with a victory earlier, Jimmy Uso, interfered again.

Even though all roads led to Jimmy and Jey Uso going at each other’s throats in Wrestlemania 40 but out of nowhere, Jey’s involvement in the business of Imperium may have sparked new interest and hints which may allude to the significant half of the Usos may go for a title run and this can be an imperative change of the belt from one hand to the other.


There are new reports coming in from the center that Brock Lesnar is about to return ahead of Wrestlemania and he is going to be a babyface this time. With that being said, he may be up against Gunther for the IC title but now that Jey has stepped into the storyline, things maybe slightly different. Only time shall reveal what waits us all.



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