WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle Picks The Better Wrestler Between Bryan Danielson And AJ Styles

Whenever a pro wrestling fan prepares a list of the top five pro wrestlers of all time, there will probably be two names present in that list of Top 5. Those two names are AEW’s Bryan Danielson and AJ Styles from WWE. Kurt Angle is another star who will likely be present right there. In a recent episode of his show, Angle selected the better wrestler between Styles and Bryan.

Interestingly, Angle said that their wrestling styles are quite similar, but he went with Styles because he has had a match with him. Angle and Bryan surprisingly never wrestled a match.


Since Kurt did not get a first-hand experience of how Bryan wrestles, he decided to go with AJ Styles as the better wrestler.

“That’s tough, they’re identical. They’re so much alike and as far as their styles and everything they do, they’re great at submission, they’re great at highflying, they’re great at anything that belongs in the ring. I will say this, I will pick AJ only because I wrestled him. I never wrestled Daniel Bryan,” said Angle. 


Kurt Angle  ready to change his mind if he gets a match against Bryan Danielson

During the same show, Kurt Angle admitted that he is ready to change his mind if he has a match with Bryan Danielson and if his ability impresses him more than AJ Styles. However, the chances of that happening are low because Angle has retired from professional wrestling.

But at the same time, this is a profession where the best saying is Never Say Never. There is still a chance of Angle making a one-off return and then wrestling Bryan Danielson. For that to happen, Angle will have to join All Elite Wrestling because the American Dragon is in the Tony Khan-owned pro wrestling promotion at the moment.


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