“I’m not a little kid anymore”, Rhea Ripley warns Nia Jax with a threat about the title challenge

WWE  women’s star, Rhea Ripley has sent a towering message ahead of her Elimination Chamber clash with the mighty Nia Jax who has taken it upon herself to punish the lead of Judgment Day. From warning Bayley to not be a part of this championship challenge to inflicting a full-blow physical assault on Rhea, Jax went all guns blazing.

Ahead of her title defence against Nia again, she spoke at length with Fox News and the Eradicator will have her own reasons to worry after that. It was a message of intent and will leave any fan worried to the core. She was brutal in her assessment and made a bold statement of not being a kid anymore.


Rhea said, “To go back to Australia after not being able to compete there for seven years – last time being for the independent scene in Riot City Wrestling – go back there and show everyone my growth and pretty much show the rest of the world what Australia has and what could come from Australia.”

Here is what Rhea Ripley had to say about Nia Jax’s challenge

She further said, “It makes me extremely proud. It’s very hard to get people to notice us because we are so far away from all the places that get noticed more like USA. So, to be able to make it and come back home and show everyone how much I’ve grown … I’m not a little kid anymore, I’m a women’s world champion. I’m very, very excited.”


In fact it wasn’t just Rhea who believes she should be the champion but in a conversation with Emily Mae, Gunther said, “Well there is a bunch to choose right. I think, Rhea is not gonna be in there otherwise she is the best one so far… I think it’s hard to predict with the women’s… Because you don’t know who is gonna show up. It’s very unpredictable. It’s really hard to say. I think there is a bunch of favorites, but it hard to pick one.”



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