Xavier Woods issues a stern message for Ludwig Kaiser

The fun about WWE’s character shifts is that you would never know when does a change happen and when it does at times the fans love it and then there are times when the fans may not love it at all. However, one of the latest changes in the recently developed storylines, may have just started to break free and this time it involves Xavier Woods.

Kofi Kingston who has been a long time associate of Xavier in the WWE and in the New Day section, was brutally attacked by Ludwig Kaiser in a segment for Imperium. Not only did Kaiser turn the tables on him but continued thrashing him unless he was genuinely hurt. Wood is usually known for his personality that is filled with fun and joy but the world saw a new monster in him and that was scary.


He intender to hurt Kaiser and threw the steel steps at him. Even though he very narrowly missed yet he was remorseless and he was willing to go that extra mile just to kill the contender with utmost ruthlessness. In fact such was the vicious nature of his attack that he even took to Twitter to send a message to Kaiser stating, “Next time I won’t miss…”.

This is what Xavier Woods had to say about WWE 2K24

Woods made a plea to the makers of WWE 2k24, requesting them to make a multi sportsmen cover which will give a better chance for stars like him to climb higher up the points table and from being midtable cards for long to kissing the pinnacle.


Well, as per reports, Cody Rhodes leads the list of superstars to bag the cover picture of WWE 2k24 and unless there is a major change in this entire development, the American Nightmare may continue to do what he does best and eventually bag the limelight.



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