“Nobody beat him to end the freaking streak”, WWE Veteran lays out possible plot for Roman Reigns’ title drop

Roman Reigns is all set to defend his title against Randy Orton, AJ Styles and LA Knight at the upcoming Royal Rumble, the first PPV of the year 2024. It is believed that this can be a storyline changing affair where Roman may finally drop his title without being pinned while mounting a head on collision for the battle of the Head of the Table.

Inside reports say that this match can also see a new champion and unless there is a late twist in the tale, Wrestlemania’s main event will only witness a clash for pride and not the hallowed belts on the line. Going by the words of a veteran WWE personality, Vince Russo, it is said that this is the best possible opportunity for Roman to drop the title.


Talking with Sportskeeda Wrestling, Russo said, “However, this Fatal Four-Way is a great opportunity to get the belt off of Reigns without him ever losing. He never lost, I mean it’s a perfect opportunity. Nobody beat him to end the freaking streak. So now bro you can go forward where you can still have your Roman-Rock match without a title being on the line. That really makes it a lot less predictable. And you can have a championship match with Randy Orton.”

Here is what Vince Russo had to say about Roman Reigns and Gunther

Not only did Russo drop bombs on the story about Roman Reigns but there is a new rumour in town which says that Gunther is probably better than Roman Reigns. Well, being honest this statement has too many nuances to it and if you truly need to decode this statement, then you have to first match the era.


Russo said, “I don’t agree with that Mr. Bert. I think Gunther is great but I think he’s got just a little bit more ways to go to overcome Roman Reigns. But I do think Gunther is a great character. He gets it, I will not argue that.”



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