“Where were you guys in 2013?”, CM Punk takes a dig at the fans who are booing Dwayne Johnson

It has now been confirmed that Cody Rhodes will be facing Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 40 and this news has made fans the happiest. However, it took more than a week and drama of the highest order to see the American Nightmare challenge Roman after the man he handed over the responsibility to get the job done chose to walk away.

Roman Reigns will be facing Cody Rhodes for sure but for a week it felt like that it was going to be the Rock versus Roman. The fans didn’t like it at all and spat relentless venom at Dwayne Johnson. Courtesy to the people’s movement for the first time in the last decade, the Rock has turned heel and eventually will be aiding Roman Reigns in this battle.


However, Dwayne Johnson was booed voraciously by the public considering the fact that he was going to be a part of the Main Event and Cody may have been left out. There were loud catcalls and jeers by the fans who wanted the Great One to step down so that the American Nightmare could finally finish his story.

Here is what CM Punk had to say the fans about booing the Rock

During the press conference of Wrestlemania 40, CM Punk questioned the WWE Universe about their decision to boo the Rock. Underlining what he has done for this industry, underlining his contribution, he was quizzed about the fact that is the audience even in their right minds?


While being on the mic with Michael Cole, the latter asked Punk, “I wanna turn my attention to the man on my right CM Punk, because you had a similar story. To what Cody Rhodes is going through.” Punk responded, “Where were you guys in 2013?”

In 2013 Wrestlemania, Punk was stripped of his title by the Rock and that too after he had already won it by pinfall. Guess what, that was the first time when Shield made their presence felt.


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