“But, when you look from a business standpoint…”, Rikishi sends a bone-chilling warning to WWE about Cody’s fairytale ending

The Bloodline is all about coming together as a family unit, it is about the Anoai family, the prolonged history of Roman Reigns who coined it first and then he has had the blessings of the elders. Despite the Usos being haywire, the fact that the Rock has joined hands with Roman Reigns, it is simply the best for business.

WWE hall of famer, Rikishi has shared his unreserved love for the Bloodline time and time again but his first love wrestling has always helped him to express his opinions better. Currently with all the heat and the soup that WWE has found itself in with the return of heel Rock, Rikishi opened up on what exactly is going on with the Rock’s arrival to the Bloodline.


Here is what Rikishi had to say about the Rock and the Bloodline

Talking on Off the Top Podcast which is his own, Rikishi said, “For me I would love to see Cody finally finish the story, right? But, when you look from a business standpoint, do we take it to just thinking about the one person or do we think about what’s going to continue to put assets and seats? Because right now, it’s really really hard to beat Roman Reigns.”

He further added, “If there’s another person that can step in Roman’s shoes and put assets and seats if not like him or more, then you can rest assured WWE or TKO now, is going to be able to give that person an opportunity. Now what I didn’t see and what probably should have happened, the only way something like this will probably happen with Cody if in case they gotta have The Rock (vs) Roman first.”


Rikishi concluded by saying, “They have to have that. Now I can see that and then possibly, Roman would probably take a back seat to Rock, Bloodline lays down for The Bloodline and then you want to push Cody to the next level, in comes Cody vs. The Rock for WrestleMania, that will complete the story.”



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