Big E may have accidentally spoilt the upcoming storyline for the Rock

WWE’s latest plot twist has been brilliant where the Rock actually shook hands with Roman Reigns after Cody Rhodes handed him over the responsibility to battle it out with the Tribal Chief. And then the American Nightmare stepped out, famished for blood, all set to destroy Roman Reigns and the Rock together.

In a surprise addition to the Wrestlemania XL Kickoff event alongside CM Punk, Big E was announced too. Big E and CM Punk were joining Michael Cole and Pat McAfee as the hosts of the show. While the fans loved Big E’s return as a commentator, he may have accidentally spoilt the future storyline for the Rock.


After the Press Event saw Roman Reigns shaking hands with the Rock, Cody Rhodes got infuriated and he walked out in the open to scream out loud that the entire saga was an absolute hogwash. He then picked up Roman Reigns as his opposition.

Things went up to that extent where the Rock slapped Cody Rhodes after he chose to talk about family of Roman that also happens to be Rock’s family, so literally the Bloodline. In fact, Triple H also said the Rock that he is possibly out of line.


Here is what Big E had to say about the Rock

In fact, with Seth Rollins om the sidelines who confronted the Rock after the slap, it is believed that maybe and just maybe this can very well be a tag-team match-up where Cody will be teaming up with Seth Rollins while Rock and Roman Reigns come forth together.

With CM Punk injured, with Randy Orton possibly taking a backseat, there are reasons to believe that this may be a staggering main event battle at the Elimination Chamber to set up the mighty war at Westlemania.


Big E clearly said why the Rock should be the one to lead the company, particularly after what he has done to the Rhodes family. Well, truth be told, we will have to wait and figure out who comes out victorious on the other side.



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