“Then, you make decisions intelligently”, Becky Lynch drops massive update on her future at WWE

The latest episode of WWE witnessed how Becky Lynch went head to head against the might of Rhea Ripley. She was fearless and as soon as her music hit, the fans went berserk. In fact such has been the glam and glitz that the fans have started calling this thee golden era of WWE. Becky opened up on her contract too, underlining what the future holds for her.

Her current contract will be running out in June and as things stand, obviously going by her stature, any wrestling company will be eager to land her in their circuit. However, Becky has been doing a phenomenal job with her wrestling flair and considering the kind of firepower that she brings to the platter, it feels that WWE will be hoping to keep her in their echelons.


Here is what Becky Lynch had to say about her contract with WWE

Speaking to Ross Sapp of Fightful Select at the Wrestlemania 40 Kickoff green carpet, Becky said, “That’s just what you do. I think, more than anything, it’s about deciding what the future looks like. What is the best avenue for the future, and what are the goals and what do you want to achieve? Then, you make decisions intelligently.”

In fact the latest episode of WWE made headlines for the tagline “Mami vs the Man” and the fans are going absolutely gaga over the move. Both the wrestlers have done a phenomenal job in recent times and the kind of stature that they bring to the platter. Not only has Becky been a phenomenal wrestler but her mic skills are just through the roof. More importantly, Mami is a fan favourite and the fans will totally consume this battle of the two powerhouses.


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