Becky Lynch Reaches A New Milestone In Her Career

Becky Lynch recently reached a milestone in her long career as a wrestler. She completed 20 years in the wrestling business and has shared a picture tweet celebrating the accomplishment. She quoted the tweet saying Wow. 20 years. What a ride.


The tweet contains an old picture where Lynch is seen standing among an all boys NWA class of 2002. She is the only girl there.

Also if noticed carefully, we can see another recognisable figure there. Finn Bálor can be seen standing on the extreme left corner in the ring. A young Becky got her start in the wrestling industry with Bálor’s academy in Ireland. It was the only Irish wrestling school at the time.


With her “The Man” moniker, she became one of the hottest commodities of WWE and even main evented WrestleMania, winning the match. She is a multi time RAW and SmackDown Women’s champion and a Royal Rumble winner among other accomplishments.

Although currently out of action after separating her shoulder at SummerSlam 2022, she keeps trolling her fans teasing a potential return. She injured her shoulder while facing Bianca Belair for the RAW Women’s title at the pay per view. It was a gnarly injury where the separation of the right shoulder was clearly visible. But presenting an example of her toughness, she went ahead to complete that match.


In an Instagram live with The Rock, she said that her shoulder was healing faster than expected and she could be back in a couple of months.


Although fans are expecting her to be a surprise entrant at next year’s Royal Rumble.

Industry insiders are reporting that Becky is going to face Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania 39 next year. Rousey is the current SmackDown Women’s Champion and should continue as the champion going into WrestleMania. However, top women’s star Charlotte Flair is returning very soon. Therefore, all these future plans involving Lynch and Rousey are subject to change in the future.


Akashdip Singh

Jobber writer for WWE related content

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