“That’s family!”, Bianca Belair wins over the internet with her heartwarming response about Angelo Dawkins

WWE Superstar, Bianca Belair opened up on her personal life in a latest Q and A session and the kind of bond that she shares with Angelo Dawkins. The EST of the company has been pretty vocal about her real life decisions and she embraces them with arms wide open.

Working with her fans outside the squared ring, Bianca chose to host a Q+A session which is also a run-up to her show on Hulu, Love and WWE: Bianca and Montez. The show first aired on February 2nd 2024 and traces the journey of the wrestling couple.


Answering on the chemistry with Angelo Dawkins, Belair said on her Insta story, “Hahaha that’s the brother I never asked for… he annoying. But I annoy him too haha. That’s family!” This answer was lauded by all the fans as they found it extremely heartwarming.

She also shared her experience of being shot for the show where she and her husband, Montez Ford makes one amazing display showing the nuances of love and wrestling going hand in hand. Belair also said that she felt slightly awkward when the cameras were being struck together in her personal life.


Here is what Bianca Belair had to say about her chemistry with Montez Ford

In a statement for the show, Belair said, “It was. I will admit [that], and it’s funny because you would think that I’m used to having cameras in my face, but that’s when I’m at work. That’s when I’m at RAW, and I’m at SmackDown, and I’m Bianca Belair, and that red light comes on, and I turn it on. At home, I’m ready to turn it off.”

She further stated, “In real life, I’m actually a shy person, and I’m more laid back and more reserved. My husband, Montez Ford, who I get at home 24/7, [has] wild and crazy energy. It’s a contrast, we balance each other out.”


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