“She’s smart enough to acknowledge the Tribal Chief”, Bully Ray takes a comic dig at Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift received an interesting message from WWE Star Bully Ray which was kind of an indirect dig at Roman Reigns and possibly an attempt to humorously point it out that WWE’s reach is making ripples bigger than ever and it involved Roman Reigns leading the stories.

Swift was a part of the recently concluded Super Bowl where she was seen supporting the likes of the eventual winners, Kansas City Chiefs. In fact, her interests boil down deeper which link her romantically with Travis Kelce, a player for the Chiefs who also won his third super bowl on Sunday.


During the Chiefs vs 49ers contest, Swift threw up an one hand gesture which is usually used by Roman Reigns and company for the supremacy of the Bloodline. Reacting to Swift’s gesture, Bully ray who was popularly known as Bubba Ray Dudley during his WWE days made an interesting tweet.

Here is what Bully Ray had to say about Taylor Swift

Ray tweeted, “We all know Tay-Tay has a crush on and is a big fan of Uncle Bully on Busted Open After Dark but shes also smart enough to ACKNOWLEDGE her TRIBAL CHIEF. @BustedOpenRadio.”


Well, the Bloodline now has a new member and it is none other than Dwayne Johnson, the Rock whi turned heel after a staggering couple of decades and he will be up against Cody Rhodes. Talking to Sportskeeda Wrestling, Dutch Mantell made an intriguing observation.

He said, “They fell into this. All of a sudden, you have these mitigating circumstances… But I think they probably done the best job with it that can be done. The only thing now I gotta see is where Rock fits in. Now, Rock and Roman they are the family and wherever that leads. I talk about doors open. They have a lot of doors open for everybody to go.”


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