Former WWE star Justin Gabriel recounts hilarious story of a time when Cody Rhodes went off the storyline

Cody Rhodes is making all the right noises in the industry currently and as things go by, the American Nightmare may very well be on the cusp of something iconic. The last time the audience was so pumped up like this ahead of Wrestlemania was when Daniel Bryan initiated the Yes movement and they stormed into the ring.

For Cody though, things have been slightly different. The American Nightmare has managed to find himself roaring to the top of the proceedings after winning the Royal Rumble making it twice in a row, a feat that happened 26 years later. It goes without a saying that the fans would have loved to see him challenge for the title but the arrival of the Rock in between has somewhat left the fans extremely disappointed.


While Cody keeps on making the noises, former WWE superstar, Justin Gabriel revealed an incident that saw him and Cody taking matters into their own hands for a very brief moment and then eventually being separated by two superstars of the craft.

Gabriel was a part of WWE between 2008 and 2015. His most notable stint came when he was a part of the Nexus that was trailblazed by CM Punk and Wade Barrett. He had faced Cody countless times and in one of those occasions, things got heated up.


Here is what Justin Gabriel had to say about Cody Rhodes

Speaking on Rene Dupree’s Café de Rene podcast, Gabriel said, “Me and Cody back in the day had a little tiff but nothing serious. He went to creative and he got some storylines kiboshed, but nothing too serious. I think we got into a fist fight over it once. We sorted that out real quick. I’m sure he doesn’t even remember that.”

He further added, “I thought he was joking at first, so he kinda like swung and I kinda did this [fell back] and I pushed him away. I’m a fighter for real too, so very quick reactions. Then when I realized he was serious, I was like, ‘Oh, s**t, he’s trying to fight me!’ I was laughing, laughing, and that just p****d him off even more, and then by that time Mark Henry and Booker were there to pull us apart.”


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