“15…truly blessed to still be doing this” Kofi Kingston Completes 15 Years In WWE

Kofi Kingston has completed a milestone in his career very recently. The one half of the NXT Tag Team Champions is celebrating his 15 years in WWE. That’s quite a feat in an industry where careers are short-lived and even big names struggle to last.

His WWE debut took place on January 22, 2008 on ECW after WWE had acquired it. It was against a wrestler called David Owen which the high flyer won via his famous SOS finisher. He has performed on both RAW and SmackDown over the years. He hit his career high in the tag team division as a part of the New Day faction with Xavier Woods and Big E. They were the second longest reigning tag team champions in history with a combined reign of 627 days. 2018 was arguably the best year of his individual career when he had #KofiMania going. Kofi beat Daniel Bryan and became the WWE Champion for the first and only time in his career at WrestleMania 35. Currently he and Xavier Woods have moved to NXT and are the NXT Tag Team Champions there.


Kingston has tweeted 15…truly blessed to still be doing this. Thank you all” in this highlight occasion.


While sharing a clip on his Instagram from his debut he writes,

“Time is f*d up, man… 15 years…how?! Seems like it was just yesterday that I was smiling my way through the nervousness on this entrance in Charlottesville, Virginia…And finally, thank you all for riding with me on this incredible journey…”


He also thanks his wife in this post.

The Royal Rumble is coming up this Saturday on January 28th at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. The Rumble is an event Kofi is famous for. He known for doing exceptional acrobatic spots like jumping on audience barricades and hand stands to avoid elimination.


Watching him once more this Saturday will be a treat. Let’s hope he wins the Rumble once before he retires.


Akashdip Singh

Jobber writer for WWE related content

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