Vince Russo suggests a golden storyline for Nick Aldis

WWE has been doing a sensational job of playing a role that Nick Aldis is nailing to perfection. So what makes him one of the biggest hits in the WWE industry? It’s his unyielding resolve against the mighty Bloodline. The way he has been dealing with Paul Heyman has been nothing short of brilliant and he continues to be a nightmare for the biggest faction in the industry.

In fact, such has been his beef with the Tribal Chief that Roman himself wanted to fix issues. Not only has he left Paul Heyman, one of the most eminent and unfazed managers in the history of entertainment but he has left Roman Reigns on the edge of his seat as he will be defending his title against three other eminent superstars in the company at WWE Royal Rumble.


Talking to Sportskeeda Wrestling, former WWE writer, Vince Russo had an interesting suggestion for the company. Dropping a hint at how WWE can just use the legal angles to bring him on board, Vince Russo had a special suggestion for the authority. He spoke at length about the entire situation and truth be told, that made total sense.

Here is what Vince Russo had to say about Nick Aldis

Vince said, “Obvioulsy Nick Aldis is the babyface authority figure on SmackDown. Why not have a heel authority figure on RAW? You know what I am saying? Now you got two totally freaking… Jinder looks the part. He can come up with something legal of what they did in his contract and threaten to sue ’em. I mean you can really come up with an elaborate story. But my god why not have a babyface GM and a heel GM?.”


He also shed some light on the current situation of Jinder Mahal, adding, “I don’t know what that did for Jinder, bro. I swear to god, man. When you look at guys like Matt Cardona and you look at guys like EC3, now you look at, throw Dolph Ziggler in there, throw Mone in there, Mercedes Mone. Throw them all in there. I swear to god, bro, if I’m Jinder, and he goes back to doing nothing the dude’s got to ask for his release.”



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