Jack Perry NJPW storyline explained: Everything you need to know about the ‘rumoured’ Devil

The world has been abuzz with the latest act of heat pulled off by Jack Perry. And this is certainly one of the hottest talking points in the wrestling town. And after all the drama where does he head? One of the most underrated brands of wrestling and yet all iconic wrestlers have found themselves a home in this particular brand called NJPW or New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Jack Perry made his debut in NJPW Battle in the Valley and all the while pulling off a stunning show as he brought out the contract and tore it up in shreds. He started off with a roar as he attacked in the part that followed after the main card opener, taking down Shoto Umino. Then he pulled off the iconic stunt of ripping the contract to shreds and eventually donning a black band with scapegoat written on it.


After fighting out CM Punk in August in London, Perry went AWOL as he was suspended by AEW. Just to throw in a bit of context, this fight was not written in the script. More importantly this entire battle was one of the reasons why even CM Punk started getting averse to AEW and the end result is known to everyone.

Here is what you need to know about the Devil Angle of Jack Perry

Eventually a massive speculation rose amongst the AEW fans that stated that Perry may have been playing the Devil. Unfortunately, that angle also came to an end when it was Adam Cole who was revealed as the downfall of MJF.


In December Perry went ahead and filed for quite a few trademarks with his ring names which included the likes of Jungle Boy, Jurassic Express, the team name that worked perfectly with Luchasauraus. He also wanted the name of A boy and his Dinosaur but none of it eventually worked out.

Saturday proved to be the debut for Perry in NJPW but as things stand, he has already wrestled once on a joint AEW-NJPW event where he threw the gauntlet at the feet of IWGP World Heavy Weight Championship in June’s Forbidden Door.


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