Nick Aldis tells Roman Reigns to mind his own business; ‘Fixing’ can await

Guess what, Nick Aldis is cooking some serious good stuff against the Big Dog and Roman Reigns may be in for some serious level threat which may culminate with a match-up with Aldis down the line. So what exactly is the story? Ever since Nick Aldis has arrived on SmackDown as the General Manager, life has become challenging for Roman Reigns.

The latest challenge for the Big Uce is his battle in the Royal Rumble where he is going to fight three elite level superstars, Randy Orton, LA Knight and AJ Styles. Well, this is probably the toughest challenge that Roman Reigns may have faced in years. Well, let’s be honest, the numerical advantage that Roman has with Solo and Jimmy on his side will be nullified.


Here is what Nick Aldis had to say about Roman Reigns

More importantly, there is going to be a lot of drama about Paul Heyman and his presence who may be taken out of the equation as a collateral damage. On top of all of that lies the massive Rock challenge, so overall it seems like that Roman Reigns is in for a long and bleak offing ahead.

In the latest SmackDown episode, when Roman Reigns arrived, he said that he has arrived because business was not well taken care of. In the process, Roman also said that he is going to fix everything including the chaos created by Solo and Paul and also Nick Aldis.


Nick Aldis being the elite star he is, made it clear that Roman Reigns need to focus on the fact that he is up against three of the finest superstars of modern day and protecting his title like that is not easy. Aldis said on Twitter, “IMHO, it might be in your best interest to focus on 3 elite level WWE Superstars trying to take your title at the #RoyalRumble …LIVE This Saturday on Peacock



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