Kofi Kingston sends a bone-chilling threat to Imperium

Former WWE champion, Kofi Kingston chose to take to social media to dish out a clear message to Imperium after a brutal brawl that unfurled on the latest episode of Raw. During the opening segment of WWE Raw, Seth Rollins came out to give an update about his injury and his promo was cut short by Gunther and Imperium. Following that arrived to the scene Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods.

The arrival of the New Day led to a brutal assault on Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci who were stationed at the ringside, trying to protect the likes of the Ring General. As the beatdown ensued, it was decided that the four would go onto have a tag-team match up later in the evening.


Well whenever there is a tag team match featuring such intense bouts altogether, expect some crazy head-turning action and that is exactly what followed suit in the ring. Bodies everywhere, some tremendous beatdowns and most importantly an assault like none other. There was no room to breathe for the superstars and eventually the match ended in a double count out after both the tag teams went through the announce table.

Here is how Kofi Kingston threatened Ludwig Kaiser

As soon as the show got off the air, Kofi Kingston took to X to send out an important message to the Imperium, stating, “You thought that there wouldn’t be any repercussions?” Well just for people who are wondering what exactly is happening here, it all started with Kofi being attacked mercilessly and brutally by the Imperium. Out of nowhere, Kofi was thrown on the mat and was mercilessly beat up by Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci.


However, following that, Xavier Woods went overboard and in the next episode threw a chair at Ludwig Kaiser and barely missed. He took to X too to say that next time he wouldn’t. Following which this latest attack will justify too.



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