WWE issues major update on Seth Rollins’ injury status

Seth Rollins suffered a real life injury during his match-up with Jinder Mahal in WWE Raw while defending his WWE championship. Post that injury, it is still questioned whether he will be fighting in Wrestlemania or not and as things looked bleak. In fact, questions still loom about his match at the Royal Rumble.

However, WWE came up with an update where it states that Seth will be opening the Monday Night Episode of Raw and that probably is a good news for any WWE fans but the obvious questions remain is opening an episode and fighting on it or build towards the upcoming PPV’s  the same?


Going by a few insider reports, Seth is seriously injured. Reports state that the Visionary must have tore his MCL and has suffered a partial meniscus tear. This means that he will be out of action for four weeks comfortably and even more can come if he has to undergo a surgery which will put him out of Wrestlemania maybe.

Here is how Jinder Mahal pushed Seth Rollins to the extremes

However, all of these are not concrete as neither WWE nor Seth himself has confirmed it. Seth went head on against the Modern Day Maharaja and the two fought it out really well. This match also had a crucial importance laced with it as it kind of silenced Tony Khan who took a dig at the Modern Day Maharaja.


The owner of AEW was expecting a diametrical turnaround but could only get hatred online and the fans were very displeased with the show as the numbers went down in drastic manner. Jinder, on the contrary, bagged some serious praise for his heavy workload and his ability to sell gimmicks without breaking sweat.

Let’s hope that Seth’s injury is not so serious and he returns to the ring shortly, challenging all the norms of medical science which he has done before.


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