5 Wrestlers with the most eliminations in the Royal Rumble

Here we take a look at the superstars that hold the record for the most number of eliminations inside a single Royal Rumble.

The Royal Rumble is just weeks away and fans are already talking about the road to WrestleMania,  fans are waiting in anticipation for one of the biggest wrestling pay-pay-views, and with a stacked card featuring Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins, the Rumble is bound to be electric this January.

Multiple wrestlers have risen to the occasion at the Royal Rumble, and we have seen superstars rise to stardom after a great showing at the pay-per-view. From big-time legends such as Stone Cold Steve Austin and Heartbreak Kid Shawn Micheals to new superstars like Bianca Belair, a lot of WWE superstars have made it big after their performances at the Royal Rumble.


Today, we take a look at the superstars that hold the record for the most number of eliminations inside a single Royal Rumble.

#5 Hulk Hogan (1989) – 10 Eliminations

The Hall of Famer was the first man in the history of sports entertainment to reach double figures for eliminations in a single royal rumble. The Hulkster was part of a stacked 1989 Royal Rumble. While the legend failed to win the Rumble, he eliminated ten other men entering the ring at the number eighteen slot and that’s no small feat.


He eliminated names such as Mr. Perfect, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Big Boss Man, and Randy Savage which by no means was a mediocre achievement considering the names involved in the 1989 Rumble. Hogan was unfortunately eliminated by Akeem to end his domination inside the squared circle. However, WWF were high on the legend and the superstar went on to win the following Royal Rumbles in 1990 and 1991.

#4 Kane (Royal Rumble 2001) – 11 Eliminations

The big red machine was one of the most dominant men in WWE back in the day, one half of the Brothers of Destruction, Kane lived up to his name during the 2001 Royal Rumble as he tore through the competition eliminating eleven other superstars, while the mayor of Knoxville County did not win the event he established a record for years to come.


He was one of the final men remaining in the rumble as he eliminated Dwayne the Rock Johnson from the squared circle but a few chair shots to the back and a clothesline late, Stone Cold Steve Austin was declared the winner of the 2001 event.

#3 Roman Reigns (2014) – 12 Eliminations

The Head of the table was always destined to be one of the biggest draws in sports entertainment, WWE has never failed with Roman’s booking in his entire stint, projecting him as one of the most dominant superstars in the history of the company.


The current Universal champion was part of the SHIELD faction during his early days in the company after being called up from NXT. Roman broke Kane’s 12-year record of eleven eliminations in 2014, eliminating twelve other superstars to establish his dominance in the event. He eliminated superstars such as Kevin Nash, Sheamus, and his former stablemates Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose now known as Jon Moxley just to name a few.

#2 Braun Strowman (Greatest Royal Rumble 2018) – 13 Eliminations

The event got a mixed reaction from fans, who were not too happy with the Saudi Arabian pay-per-view. While the Rumble held little to no relevance for storylines, Braun Strowman now known as Adam Scherr eliminated thirteen other superstars to win the event.


Fans were not too happy with the outcome as the event did not have any meaning, and no further follow-ups. Still, Strowman’s feat of achievement was counted as one of the most dominating performances inside the Royal Rumble.

#1 Brock Lesnar (Royal Rumble 2020) – 13 Eliminations

Brock Lesnar has always been one of the most dominant superstars in the history of sports entertainment, the current WWE champion shocked fans when he entered the Royal Rumble as the reigning WWE champion in 2020, while it’s not odd for the present world champion to enter the Royal Rumble, it still came as a big surprise.


Lesnar completely dominated the other superstars that stepped inside the squared circle during the pay-per-view, eliminating thirteen men one after another. He eliminated names such as Braun Strowman, Keith Lee, and many more big names during the rumble before succumbing to Drew McIntyre, who eliminated the beast incarnate after a low blow from Ricochet.

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