5 Things we’re tired of in the Royal Rumble

Here are five things fans are tired of in the Royal Rumble

The Royal Rumble has been WWE’s biggest pay-per-views since its inauguration in 1998. Wrestling fans have been engrossed with thirty superstars trying to find themselves a spot at the main event of the biggest pay-per-view of them all, WrestleMania, by outlasting thirty other competitors.

Fans are already buzzing, with the Royal Rumble just weeks away. The Royal Rumble has given fans multiple notable moments to cherish, but there have been some incidences that have become a regular occurrence and become stale with time.


#5 Announcing entrants’ participation number before the pay-per-view

While people can understand that the wrestling conglomerate wants to draw out viewers by announcing the entry number of a particular superstar. WWE has been struggling for viewership, in the past few years and last year they took to their Twitter handle to announce an entry order for Edge, to draw out viewers.

While this can help them get people to watch the event on screen, it spoils the fun for people who have been waiting for the pay-per-view for months.


#4 Relying on past legends and superstars in the Royal Rumble

For the last few years, we have seen multiple superstars rise to the occasion for the WWE. Drew McIntyre and Big E were the torchbearers for the wrestling giants in the COVID-19 era. But wrestling fans, are tired of the same storylines and rematches on television.

WWE usually tries to counter this by pulling strings and asking legends and old superstars to make a one-off appearance. While the feeling of nostalgia does the job, it is not permanent, and the company needs to rely on its newer generation.


#3 Pseudo Eliminations, being thrown over the second rope

How many times have we seen superstars remain inside the Royal Rumble based on technicalities, in the past few years, the company has made a mockery out of the rule by booking superstars to just leave the ring through the second rope to avoid being eliminated.

This spoils the fun out of the entire event, as fans can predict that the superstar that left the ring will try to weasel his way inside the ring when he finds a favourable scenario. We hope that WWE upholds its rules in the upcoming rumble, but knowing the company, we have a slim chance of that happening.


#2 Temporary alliances between two heels in the Royal Rumble

Two or more bad aka “heel” guys teaming up against a “face” superstar has been one of the stalest storylines that the WWE has been booking at the Royal Rumble for the last few years. From Miz to Dolph Ziggler, we have seen many heels making short-term alliances just for the sake of it.

Fans can easily smell a betrayal coming from miles away, but that doesn’t stop the company from repeating the same scenario again and again. We hope that we can see some new development in the Royal Rumble this year.


#1 Kofi Kingston’s miraculous survivals

If you have been a wrestling fan for the past ten years and have seen the Royal Rumble on a regular basis, one thing we all know about is that WWE never fails to add a Kofi Kingston moment at the Royal Rumble. From riding over his teammate’s shoulders to using an announcer’s chair as a pogo stick to make his way back to the ring.

We have seen Kofi Kingston survive being eliminated from the Royal Rumble on various occasions, but it’s getting tiring to watch as the times go by. Old fans love the nostalgic feeling it brings, but the writing has been getting boring in recent years. Stepping on pancakes to avoid getting eliminated, that’s just lazy writing!!


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