“I’m serious man!”, Former WWE legend wants return to Royal Rumble

For the fans of the Attitude Era, Booker-T was a household name and the six-time World Champion has expressed a desire that may be ringing louder through the ears of the WWE fans and the authority alike. Even though its not exactly sure about how and where he slots in, but the King has wanted an entry into the Royal Rumble Match.

If Booker-T does return this time to the Royal Rumble, this will be the second consecutive time that one of the crowd favourites from the Attitude Era will be appearing down the pike. Considering the fact, that he will be out for entertainment and a moment of pops, WWE also needs to realise that what should be the best possible position for Booker-T.


Talking in the Hall of Fame podcast, Booker-T said, “I’m stretching right now, man. I’ve been checking my email, I’ve been checking my Gmail to see if the invitation has come through. But like I said man, I’m in the best shape of my life, y’all. I’ve been training, I’ve been hitting the gym harder than I’ve ever hit it before.”

Here is what Booker-T had to say about his possible return to Royal Rumble

He further added, “I’m serious, man. I’m serious on this. So if they need an extra man, if they need me to make that walk just one time going down in St. Petersburg, Florida, oh yeah, man. I will be ready, willing, and able to get the job done, guys.”


Booker-T also said, “Don’t sleep on St. Petersburg, Florida, and your boy Booker T stepping out to the ring just one more time. I got my phone, and I’m checking my emails, and I’m checking them twice because your boy want another shot. I’m just saying.”

Only time shall tell whether Booker-T will make the cut for Royal Rumble or not but as the news and the reports go, you simply never know when WWE changes their mind.


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