Five things you should know about Dexter Lumis

Dexter Lumis has been a bedazzling presence in the WWE roster

Dexter Lumis has been one of the most enigmatic characters in the modern WWE roster and the way he has been a spooky presence for several other wrestlers, makes him one of the most intriguing characters. Except for Rhea Ripley where the two had a staredown, most of the characters that he has faced has been either afraid or chose to step back from him.

In an iconic first, when Dexter Lumis said his first words on the WWE NXT roster and everyone was stunned by the same. Particularly Austin Theory and his expression was priceless as the Twiterrati went berserk. In a reminder of the event, here are five things that you should know about Dexter Lumis.


#1 Dexter Lumis was trained by the Dudley Boyz

The silent man in the WWE roster was trained by one of the most iconic tag-teams of all time, the Dudley Boyz. No wonder, he saved his words for the moments that would matter.

His wrestling style clearly gives away the idea that the two big shots of wrestling literally got him exactly where he would have wanted to be and the rest they say is history.


#2 Dexter Lumis had his IMPACT schtick based on an American Psycho character

Dexter Lumis made his Impact debut with his real name, Samuel Shaw on November 13th, 2013, Later in an interview with Christy Hemme, he revealed that his gimmick was loosely based on a character similar to Patrick Bateman from American Psycho.

Lumis’ got the idea for his ring attire from Dexter Morgan, the protagonist of Dexter penned by Jeff Lindsay.


#3 His TNA debut was followed by the iconic Mick Foley attacking him

Dexter Lumis has been a part of several wrestling promotions and as things stand his most iconic debut came in TNA. He announced his arrival to the planet by attacking Tommy Dreamer, making a resonating statement of all time.

He made his TNA debut at Hardcore Justice 2010 under the ring name of Lupus. He rode roughshod over Tommy Dreamer while he was also wrestling Raven. This is where it all went downtown as the shit hit the fan with Mick Foley attacking Lumis with his Mandible Claw.


#4 His stalking gimmick is also a part of his TNA stint

WWE has very well used Lumis as a stalker and the way he has pulled it off is exceptionally amazing, sending his counterparts in a state of blue funk.

However, all of this was inspired by his stalking prowess in the TNA where he would go all guns blazing for Christy Hemme. He would stare at her, had his room teeming with her posters and would get insecure when she would talk to her colleagues.


#5 Dexter Lumis spoke his first words in WWE during his wedding

Dexter Lumis didn’t open his mouth for a single time throughout his stint, playing his character perfectly. In fact, NXT saw him ruling the roost like a pro.

However, it was during his marriage with Indi Hartwell that saw the entire roster go crazy, particularly Austin Theory, when he first choked the Priest for asking him to utter the vow but when asked by Beth Phoenix, he said, “I do”.


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