The Women’s Royal Rumble 2023 Match Highlights With Order Of Entry And Elimination

The Women’s Royal Rumble match concluded on January 28th at the Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas. Just like the Men’s Royal Rumble Match, it had a brand new first time winner as well.

Here are the Highlights of what went down with the women:


Rhea Ripley arrived at #1 still showing the after effects of Beth Phoenix’s spear from earlier in the night.


Liv Morgan entered at #2 after campaigning to enter the Rumble first. They started the match and after some other entries, Bayley entered at #6. Her Damage CTRL buddies Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky entered at #9 and #10. This gave them a huge advantage and they started dominating everyone. Natalya entered at #11 and made her first appearance in months. She straight away attacked Shayna Baszler who had brutally injured her. Then Becky Lynch joined the match at #15 with payback on her mind against Damage CTRL. They had attacked her inside a steel cage on RAW XXX. She laid out Kai and Sky ringside and then started fighting Bayley. But due to their numbers advantage, Damage CTRL overpowered Bayley and sent her out through the middle rope. They then laid her out ringside.

Asuka then entered at #17 to the crowd cheering. She was wearing a Japanese demon mask and then slowly removed it to show her terrifying clown-like face paint. This was a throwback to her dark KANA character in Japan. She has been teasing bringing it back on her social media as well.


Doudrop made her WWE return next at #18 and she had gone back to her earlier name Piper Nevin. Later Lynch came back into the match and got her revenge from Kai and Sky by tossing them out. However, Bayley tossed Lynch out after that. Taking advantage of this chaos, Liv Morgan eliminated Bayley right there. At #20 Chelsea Green made her WWE return proving the rumours to be true. But her return was short lived as Ripley eliminated her in 5 seconds, a new record.


Raquel Rodriguez arrived at #22 to loud cheers from the Texas crowd. She went head to head with Rhea in a powerhouse vs powerhouse showdown. At #25 Michelle McCool’s music started playing and she got up from her front row seat with her children. She removed her jacket and surprisingly entered the match jumping the barricade. #30 was reserved for a surprise comeback.


It was Nia Jax and being the biggest woman there, was group attacked. She still held her own until her face offs with Raquel and Rhea. In a group effort, she was pushed off the top rope.

The final 3 were Asuka, Morgan and Ripley. They reached the ring apron while fighting each other. Asuka wanted to spray the mist on Rhea but she ducked and Liv got a facefull of it. Rhea immediately kicked Asuka out of the ring with a 619. A blinded Liv almost eliminated Ripley and she was dangling by the ropes. Ripley then caught Morgan with head scissors and flipped her on the floor.


Rhea Ripley had thus won her first Royal Rumble. Also entering at #1 she has also set the record for the longest time spent by a woman. She will probably face Bianca Belair at WrestleMania 39.


Some NXT superstars also entered the Rumble like NXT Women’s champion Roxanne Perez, Zoe Stark & Indi Hartwell. Also there were some injuries like Rhea suffering a dislocated knee and a bloodied nose. Sonya Deville too suffered a nasty cut over her eye requiring multiple stitches.


This happened when Asuka’s kick landed too hard when they were kicking each other.

1 Rhea Ripley B-Fab (Ripley)
2 Liv Morgan Brooke (Bayley)
3 Dana Brooke Emma (Kai)
4 Emma Perez (Bayley 2)
5 Shayna Baszler Baszler (SKY)
6 Bayley Natalya (Kai 2)
7 B-Fab LaRae (Kai 3)
8 Roxanne Perez Nox (Asuka)
9 Dakota Kai Green (Ripley 2)
10 IYO SKY Kai (Lynch)
11 Natalya SKY (Lynch 2)
12 Candice LaRae Lynch (Bayley 3)
13 Zoey Stark Bayley (Morgan)
14 Xia Li Li (Vega)
15 Becky Lynch Tamina (McCool)
16 Teagen Nox Stark (Deville)
17 Asuka Vega (Evans)
18 Piper Nevin Hartwell (Deville 2)
19 Tamina Jax (Ripley 3)
20 Chelsea Green Evans (Rodriguez)
21 Zelina Vega Deville (Asuka 2)
22 Raquel Rodriguez McCool (Ripley 4)
23 Michin Shotzi (Michin)
24 Lacey Evans Michin (Niven)
25 Michelle McCool Niven (Rodriguez 2)
26 Indi Hartwell Rodriguez (Ripley 5)
27 Sonya Deville Cross (Morgan 2)
28 Shotzi Asuka (Ripley 6)
29 Nikki Cross Morgan (Ripley 7)
30 Nia Jax Winner: Rhea Ripley



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