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Booker T Recalls The Time When The Undertaker Tried A Spinaroonie

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T was famous for his Spinaroonie, a trademark move that entertained the WWE fans whenever he performed it. The move required a lot of flexibility, and it was not everyone’s cup of tea to perform the Spinaroonie.

Back when Booker T was an active Superstar, they tried the Spinaroonie at a show after it went off the air. The 56-year-old labelled that incident as the Spinaroonie Party and shared some details about it in a recent interview with Metro UK.


Booker T recalled that they tried hard to convince The Undertaker to try a Spinaroonie. He remembered how an hour had passed since the show went off the air, but the fans were still in their seats, as they did not want to go home and miss the Spinaroonie party. Here’s what the former WWE Superstar had to say:

“Trying to get The Undertaker to do the spinaroonie an hour after we’d gone off the air was a moment that’s gonna be stuck in my mind forever because we had so much fun. I think I was crying the whole time we were trying to get it done.”


Booker T names the Superstars who performed the Spinaroonie the best and the worst

During the same interview, Booker T was asked about the various Superstars who performed his trademark move. He gave his opinion on who performed it the best and who did it the worst. As per the WWE Hall of Famer, former Tag Team Champion D-Von Dudley performed it the best on TV.

Booker T was spoilt between two names while selecting the Superstar who performed the worst Spinaroonie. He named Vince McMahon and Big Show as the ones who did it the worst. The former WCW Champion has not wrestled in a long time, and it will be interesting to see if he comes back for one final match in WWE.


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