Ilja Dragunov warns Trick Williams with a strong message as rivalry intensifies

After the latest episode of WWE NXT, the excitement boiled through the roof as one of the current champions who made his return to the Golden and Black brand has made it clear to Trick Williams and Camelo Hayes with a seven-worded message. It was none other than Ilja Dragunov.

On his current run as the NXT champion, Ilja Dragunov had to stay on the sidelines owing to a major injury. However, the Mad Russian is back and eventually before he took a break for the injury, he was supposed to defend his NXT championship on the New Year’s Evil Show on January 2nd.


Things went horribly wrong for the Brawling Brutes member, Ridge Holland as he suffered a mammoth beatdown and there was no escape for the superstar. Just when a battle between Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes was about to ensue, the defending NXT champion walked out and the fans were left stunned.

Here is what Ilja Dragunov had to say about Trick Williams

The 29-year old Ilja ensured that he is setting the tone perfectly for the upcoming clash of the champions. With Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes fighting out a rivalry for the ages, Ilja’s addition to this feud will simply be adding to the intensity of the fray and will be extending the brilliance of NXT to a whole new level.


After this intense segment on the Black and the Gold brand, Ilja’s message on Twitter said, “no one pushes me of my throne.” With every passing day, the storyline between the two superstars is getting stronger and the fans are absolutely loving it. This is one of those rare occasions, where the fans have been loving a storyline without a designated heel or a face. In fact, it is just two wrestlers who are fighting for the championship as an individual, almost something similar that can happen to Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre at Wrestlemania.



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