“It gets less awkward”, WWE star drops hint about major secret to be spilled on Love and WWE

We all know how a new show featuring Montez Ford and Bianca Bailey’s personal life has been doing absolute wonders. However, when we talk about an individual’s life, particularly that of celebrities and their romantic lives, the spice and speculations are through the roof.

The show called Love and WWE focuses on the lives of Montez and Bianca as they showcase their personal experiences while also celebrating their lives as professional wrestlers who have been wrecking hell in the box. Bianca’s colleague, Shayna Baszler dropped an important hint about the EST of the company, stating that a major secret will be shown on the show and that is what is driving the fans crazy.


Talking to Sportskeeda Wrestling’s, Emily Mae, Shayna said, “I think you are gonna learn that the relationship you see is not put on. Those two, I have known ’em since the beginning. They are, they got what everyone wants. It’s great. It’s great to see.”

She further added, “Um, you learn to ignore the cameras. Don’t worry about it. It gets less awkward as it goes. That’s about it.”


Here is what Jade Cargill had to say about ‘Love and WWE’

Former AEW star, Jade Cargill also opened up on the show adding, “I think it is very important because people don’t understand the hard work that you put into this career. Add that to being married, to have kids. Like all the hardship and struggles and the balance that you have to have in your personal life and on a professional level as well. I think people need to see how hard it is for this type of career.”

Jade Cargill has already made her debut on WWE and that was a memorable one. People expect her to be the next one to topple Rhea Ripley if she can and knowing her calibre, it won’t be surprising if she does.


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