Santos Escobar may have found out the latest member of Legado World Order; Know all the details about the one

As Santos Escobar felt that it was enough for him to remain in the faction forged by Rey Mysterio, the Latino World Order, he went on a full blown assault on the Lucha legend, eventually forming a faction of his own. Not only did Escobar forged the own stable but in order to mock Rey, he went onto name it Legado World Order.

There is a latest development in this entire showdown and that involves a new member coming through the ranks which is NXT’s Elektra Lopez. The 31-year old wrestler continued to find her stride alongside Lola Vince and the partnership has bore handsome fruits ever since. However, this last Tuesday night marked the end of the tag team.


As per Ringside News, Lola Vice is now a singles wrestler in NXT. That also brings into question that she may be on her way to the main roster a lot more frequently which makes it a perfect path for her to join another faction and Escobar’s Legado World Order is tailor made for her.

Here is what Rey Mysterio had to say about Dragon Lee and the latest recruit of Legado World Order, Elektra Lopez

Lola Vice was the one to eliminate Elektra in the 20-woman battle royale to seal the fate of the new number one contender to NXT Women’s Championship and it was none other than Lyra Valkyria. Apparently it is believed that in order to balance the scales for Rey, Andrade El Idolo may be on his way to joining WWE and eventually join Rey’s faction.


Rey has been absent from the main roster for a while now but he continued to do what he does best and that is underline the best in wrestlers. On a full-blown praise for Dragon Lee, Rey said, “I see a lot of a young me in Dragon Lee. He is very unique with his style. Of course, he carries a tradition of lucha libre, which is the mask. The mask represents something way beyond just putting on a mask. It transforms you. It gives you a certain power of representation to our culture, representation to our sport. Overall, he has the heart and determination to go in the ring and put it all on the line.”



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