Dream Wrestling Matches That Couldn’t Live Up To Its Billing

​Dream wrestling matches in WWE: Has it ever occurred to you that when you plan something too much, it doesn’t really pan out in the exact way you want it to? It keeps on meandering in its own course and then what was supposed to be a pompous day out fizzles into a cesspool of heartbreaks.

Similarly, WWE has had their own moments of disappointment where they planned to unleash their very best in a rivalry, match, or a PPV but for some reason or the other, all the planning and strategizing didn’t really come to pass.


In this story, we will take a glance at nine matches where WWE invested a lot of ideas, energy and time behind it but it reaped nothing more than disappointment.

Scott Steiner vs Triple H

Despite Scott Steiner and Rick Steiner plying their trade in the ’90s, it was Scott Steiner’s Big Poppa Pump gimmick that the fans pined for in the 2000s.


Scott joined WWE officially in 2002 and was straight away headed to take on the Game. Given the burly physique of both, the match sounded more like a gutter war with two Titans consuming each other. Sadly, when the match was unspoiled, injuries played a major part in leaving it rusty and accentuating the lack of chemistry that led to a terribly woeful display on the cards.

Vader vs Yokozuna

This was a contest of two heavyweights, literally. However, the battle between the two couldn’t come close to the status of being decent. Ever since the debut of Vader, a clash between the duo was teased.


The first battle between the two was postponed after a power outage in collusion with dank weather conditions. When the bout happened, the two had contrasting styles of wrestling and the gap became a lot more glaring with every passing second. In the end, it was a woeful showdown of two heavily-built men plodding over each other.

Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton

This was supposed to be a clash of Titans, and everyone expected it to be an absolute blockbuster affair. Despite starting early in the industry, it took them until 2016 to have a proper face-off that would shed the limelight upon just the two. The match ended even before it started, with Lesnar bloodying Randy after elbowing him on the forehead.


AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura bagged an absolute steal in the Royal Rumble 2018 and was pitted against one of the most athletic grapplers of the industry, AJ Styles. Everyone wanted the clash to be a replica of the one that unfolded in Japan, witnessing two fine wrestlers hammering each other. Sadly, when Wrestlemania played host to this supposed extravaganza, the duo simply couldn’t stoke the excitement at all.

Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg

This was one of the most celebrated rivalries in the industry, especially after the two penned a historic battle at Wrestlemania 20 with Stone Cold Steve Austin being the man in the charge. Sadly, when the duo returned after almost a decade and wanted to take a dig at each other, there were two matches between them which was a downright botch on wrestling.


John Cena vs The Undertaker

WWE’s affinity in bringing their legends back from a historic era has been one of the primary reasons why the fans have wished that it would have never happened in the first place.

The duo duked it out in Wrestlemania, but the fight had no stakes in it. Taker’s streak was broken, he was old and was definitely a million miles away from his prime. In fact, the build-up to the season was nothing close to what it should have been.


DX vs The Brothers of Destruction

This match would have been an absolute knockout if the two tag teams had been in their prime.

Sadly, for both of them, they were way off their element and the result was not just disappointing, but it was downright bad. The audience dabbled in nostalgia, but that was all they had with all four wrestlers being way out of their prime.


Shawn Michaels vs Mr Perfect

The two were absolute stalwarts of the industry. Sadly, when the two came together, it was a clash of individuals who were pretty modest. The chemistry between the duo was not straight, and they had contrasting styles that made the match a disjointed slugfest. To add to the woes, Mr Perfect had a sequence of injuries plaguing him then, and the match went further down the drain.


The Undertaker vs Goldberg

By the time one of the most celebrated duos met in the ring, both were way past their prime and were ageing faster than light. Needless to say, but the duo could not simply produce something as special as they have wanted were merely trading forceful haymakers at each other.


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