Jey Uso tags Roman Reigns vs the Rock as the game-changer for Wrestlemania

WWE is all hyped up about the upcoming contest between the Rock and Roman Reigns. The duo will be duking it out possibly at Wrestlemania as reported by most of the WWE inlets. With insider reports suggesting that this may very well be the end of the Bloodline and Roman Reigns fairytale run, it is expected that WWE will be bringing down the entire Anoai family to this showdown.

Amongst the ones who usually speak up about the entire matter, the latest addition to this list was none other than Jey Uso, someone who has directly been a part of this storyline. The former member of the Bloodline made it clear that thus match is all about this rivalry and fans would be delighted to witness two of the biggest superstars in action.


In an interview with the Sony Sports Network, Jey said, “You know The Rock wanna be The Head of the Table, that’s money, right? That’s a match I think we all wanna watch, I wanna watch as a fan too. I just don’t think The Rock knows what he’s getting into. When it comes to The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns, he’s got The Bloodline behind him. Rock has a big uphill battle man. But yeah, we ready to see that.”

Here is how Jey Uso may come back to the Jimmy Uso storyline

Jey Uso himself wanted to take Roman Reigns out and almost pulled off the unthinkable only for Jimmy Uso to step in between the two. Following that he returned to the house shows to superkick Roman and Jimmy and announce it to the world that he is no longer going to be there.


However, he did return and joined forces with Cody Rhodes before finally making his footfall as a solo fighter and pulling off intermittent stunts. Even though it is still not clear that who he will be up against at Wrestlemania yet the storyline suggests that he will have a crucial role to play against his brother, Jimmy Uso.



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