“One final run! Heel Cena! Let’s go!”, WWE Universe plots iconic scheme to dethrone Roman Reigns

WWE Universe apparently has planned the perfect downfall for Roman Reigns and even the booker would not have thought about this. Apparently when John Cena came for his last regular run, things went horribly downtown for the leader of Cenation and that is because people were bored with his run as a face for the last two decades.

However, the WWE Universe is hoping to witness Cena for a final run before he finally hangs his boot up for one final time. This though isn’t exactly what others would hope for. The WWE Universe wants Cena to turn heel and pull off what Hogan did in his last title run.


He started his career as the Doctor of Thuganomics and there he played as a heel. As soon as the gimmick garnered all the attention in the world, he was promoted to the main scene. However, as soon as popularity shot through the roof, he was turned face and WWE never thought of turning him heel again.

Cena posted a picture of the nWo shirt on Instagram that made fans speculate that there can be a possible change in the character of Cena. One fan said, “Perfect person to dethrone Reigns is heel Cena.”


Another said, “Never. Going. To. Happen.” Another said, “He needs to do what Hogan did and get that last title.” Another user said, “Heel John Cena. Let’s go.” Another chimed in, “Cena, Rock and Batista (Going Hollywood).” Another one finally added, “Let me cook. One last run. Heel John Cena.”

Here is what John Cena had to say about his retirement

Talking about his possibility of returning for one final time, Cena said, “I turned 47 this past year [he will turn 47 on April 23, 2024] and I don’t have much time left in the WWE. I think it’s just the demand of age. You know, I’m trying to figure out when to close that chapter.”


He concluded by saying, “I wouldn’t be who I am – professionally or personally – without the WWE, and I promised myself that I would never simply just be there for my own sake. Every time I perform, I want to give my all to the audience. And I’ve got to admit when I hit the 45 mark, I had to begin to try to form an exit strategy, and I’m trying to work on that currently.”



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