Major change in Maximum Male Models and a Possible Return

It seems Maxxine Dupri will take over Maximum Male Models now that her brother Max Dupri has left the team. This is being reported by many breaking news websites and accounts as well.

On the latest, September 30th edition of SmackDown, Max Dupri quit the group on live tv in a backstage segment. The two models, ma.çé and mån.sôör were trying to break the Canadian record for the longest pose held and Maxxine was timing them when Max Dupri, who was already disappointed with them since last week for losing, hit mån.sôör in the last 10 seconds of the record and scolded them for turning into clowns and not having enough motivation to win the tag team titles. The visibly frustrated Dupri said that it wasn’t for him anymore, took off his MMM belt, and left.


He said “Yeah” at the end hinting that he may return as L A Knight, his rich guy character from NXT. “Yeah” was his catchphrase. Also, ma.çé has referred to him as “la” on Twitter while dissing him and re-tweeting the group pics that did not have Max Dupri in them.


On Instagram, Maxxine has posted these pics of them without Max, while writing “I always knew Maxxine’s Male Models was better anyways.” in the description. They could be known as that from now on.

Although there are no hints as to whether it will be a 3 member group or more, rumor mills are hot on the return of Tyler Breeze, the guy with the model gimmick originally with Fandango. It is said that he is a favorite of Triple H, who has been hiring back released talent. Also, he has been seen backstage during show tapings multiple times. Maybe he can join them as a senior mentor model to fill up the gap that Max Dupri has left.


MMM may be a comic faction but they do bring in some eyeballs to the product with their humorous antics and its two male models would be left in the low cards, performing only on the Main Event show as jobbers. They are a necessary relief.



Akashdip Singh

Jobber writer for WWE related content

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