Is That Chris Jericho Singing While Dressed As A Pink Dragon Bride?

Season 8 Episode 7 of the singing reality show, The Masked Singer, that just concluded had a surprise waiting for wrestling fans. The singer inside a costume who won the show is widely believed to be former WWE and current AEW star, Chris Jericho.

The Masked Singer is a reality show where celebrities dressed in funny costumes have to compete with each other in a singing contest. They are covered in costumes from head to toe. The judges guess their identities while the audience votes them out based on their performances. The voted-out contestants have to unmask right away, while the winner goes to the next round without unmasking.


While singing, a particular contestant dressed as a pink female dragon bride caught the attention of the wrestling universe. Fans believe that it was none other than AEW talent and current ROH World Champion Chris Jericho. The fans have heard him sing earlier as he is the lead vocalist of his heavy metal band Fozzy. In fact, he has sung his AEW theme song, Judas, himself.

While dressed as The Bride, he performed on Walk the Moon’s 2014 hit, Shut Up and Dance With Me.


None of judges were able to guess who it was but the wrestling fans guessed it was him right away and revealed it online.


Jericho isn’t just Le Champion in AEW but on the show as well. He ended up winning it in the end, becoming The Masked Singer King and remained unmasked.


The other two contestants were legends, boxer George Foreman and musician George Clinton. Foreman was in a Venus Flytrap costume and Clinton was wearing a Gopher costume. Clinton battled with Jericho in the final round. They faced off while singing Smash Mouth’s hit single, All Star.

Jericho is the reigning Ring of Honor World Champion affiliated to AEW. He will defend it against Sammy Guevara, Claudio Castagnoli & Bryan Danielson at AEW Full Gear 2022 PPV.


Akashdip Singh

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