“Too many brothers lost” Randy Orton Pays Tribute To Umaga And Rosey

Randy Orton has retweeted and quoted a fan’s tweet with a photograph which shows him with the late Umaga. In the tweet he writes about The Samoan Bulldozer as well as the late Matty Anoa’i (Matthew Tapunu’u Anoaʻi) better known as Rosey.

Both Umaga (Edward Smith Fatu) and Matty Anoa’i are part of the famous Anoa’i family to which Roman Reigns and his powerful Bloodline belong to. In fact, Matty was Reigns’ own elder brother. Umaga was the brother of Rikishi who is the father of The Usos and was Roman’s maternal cousin.


Umaga and Rosey were in the dominant tag team called 3-Minute Warning before their single runs. In that team Umaga was known as Jamal.

Orton, being a third generation wrestler himself, has been close with fellow generational wrestlers like the Anoa’is. This year, Randy completed 20 years in the business and in these two decades, he has faced almost all of the Anoa’is like The Rock, Umaga, Rosey, Roman Reigns and The Usos. In the tweet, he wrote a heartfelt message that went,


“I’m very happy you posted this pic. I’ll save it. Anniversary is coming up where we lost the Samoan Bulldozer. I wish I was one of those dudes that took photos of everything. RIP to the OG head of the table, Matty Anoa’i too. So many memories. Too many brothers lost”


Umaga passed away in 2009 from a heart attack and Rosey passed away after a few years due to congestive heart failure.

Umaga’s death anniversary is coming up on December 4th and that is what Orton has written about.


The Usos defeated RK-Bro (Randy Orton and Matt Riddle) to unify the tag team titles and that was Randy’s last match this year in May. Orton is on the shelf from a back injury since then and will be out of action for the foreseeable future. He recently had a surgery for his back as well.


Akashdip Singh

Jobber writer for WWE related content

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