“If something’s hot you gotta jump on it”, Former WWE Superstar had an important message for WWE regarding Jinder Mahal

WWE has been delivering some serious heavyweight matches and irrespective of the results, the storylines and the battles has been right up there in the alley of brilliance. One such match that happened of late was that of Seth Rollins and Jinder Mahal where the former copped a serious injury while the Modern Day Maharaja showed it to the world that why he deserves the best of matches coming his way.

Being honest, Jinder Mahal has been doing his job brilliantly and the kind of matches that he has been delivering of late is something that WWE totally loves. There have been matches that has seen Mahal rocking the biggest names of the industry. In fact, his title run started as he went on to defeat the Legend Killer himself.


Such has been the magnitude of his brilliance, former WWE star EC3 believes that it should only be the starting point for Jinder. It shouldn’t be an one-off outing. He should be proud of what he did back there and should continue to get matches like that. He is a bright star and all that needs to set him upright is a nice creative.

Here is what EC3 had to say about Jinder Mahal

Speaking on Sportskeeda’s the Wrestling Outlaws, EC3 said, “For Jinder, that su*ks. Because once you have like, if something’s hot you gotta jump on it. I think a no finish, some sort of shenanigans or tomfoolery could have let that angle go a little bit longer. It could be a pre-WrestleMania angle with a payoff, that he gets over in the end, even if he doesn’t necessarily become the champion…”


Speaking with WWE India, Jinder himself said, “The way the year 2024 has been going, I feel like I can win it, but I’m trying my best to be in it. Let’s make noise. Let’s get the WWE Universe to tweet, get on social media, tag Triple H, let’s tag WWE, let’s make it happen. Let’s either get myself or one of Indus Sher, Veer or Sanga, at least in the Royal Rumble, one of us. India needs to be represented in the Royal Rumble, so guys, let’s make some noise. Let’s make it happen.”



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