Insight Into WWE’s Long-Standing Relationship With The Famous Madison Square Garden

New York is deemed as the cradle of WWE due to its long-shared bond with the hallowed Madison Square Garden. The world’s most iconic arena became a forte of the richest harvest for WWE ever since Vince McMahon took over the reins of the company.

Under the reins of Vince, from major PPVs. MSG has shifted to being one of the most iconic venues for the iconic PPVs in the antiquity of WWE. It isn’t just the emotional and the logistic attachment between the sides that make MSG the most happening house for one of the most premium wrestling locations in the world.


MSG’s early history with the company

It wasn’t just Vince Jr calling the shots for the company to be shifted to the MSG. His father, Vince Sr also hosted the major events in the history of the industry at Madison Square Garden. In fact, such was the history of the arena with the sport, a few wrestlers even started referring to WWE as New York.

Imperative monikers that had their career-defining moments at the Madison Square Garden included the shiny likes of Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund, The Iron Sheik and Hulk Hogan. In fact, as a part of a promotion, Hogan and Sammartino vociferously backed the likes New York Knicks and New York Rangers that boosted the crowds at MSG.


Vince Jr had higher aspirations of making the company go global, but MSG remained at the heart of the company as big events always remained. The popularity of the company laced with the iconic statue of the venue acted as a springboard for both the parties involved.

Madison Square Garden played the perfect host for the most shining moments in the history of the industry

There was a mad shift that happened in the proceedings between the ’80s and ’90s. WWE evolved into the powerhouse wrestling promotion when Vincent Kennedy McMahon zeroed in on the territorial system.


As the Golden Era and the New Generation era saw a steep rise in prominence, MSG started seeing a vertiginous rise in the number of events that it started hosting. Out of all the events that were being hosted by the venue, the most notable ones included WrestleMania 10, Survivor Series 1996 and Summerslam 1998. The further changes witnessed Royal Rumble 2000 and Survivor Series of 2002 making way. If one starts enlisting the moments that the venue played host to, Triple H coming back from injury and Wrestlemania 20 rocked the offing of the venue with its blockbuster aura.

The recent trysts that the company witnessed with MSG

In 2000 with the rise in the rates for s for televised events and with the growing popularity of the company, WWE chose to distance itself from the venue. Barclays Centre in Brooklyn replaced MSG as its new home.


Things got worse with New Japan and Ring of Honour co-running its blockbuster shows at MSG that sparked friction with WWE. They were not happy with the latest developments. However, WWE is looking forward to resuming its old relations with the venue, as they have been running a few episodes of Raw and Smackdown at MSG to regain the lost bond. Barclays Center still gets the biggest PPV’s but Madison Square Garden will always remain home to WWE like ever.



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